City of Brockton

Incorporated as a city in 1881, Brockton is the hub of the Metro South region. Once a shoe manufacturing center, the 21.48 square-mile city is now a service center for both its residents and neighbors.

Known as a medical center, Brockton houses three large hospitals within the city. Brockton offers a variety of cultural activities including the Fuller Museum of Art and the Brockton Historical Society Museums.


Brockton City Hall




City Clerk: (508) 580-7114


Commonwealth Communities (Mass.Gov):Brockton

Tax Rates:
Residential 16.88
Commercial 31.91

Median Housing Price: $243,200

Median Family Income: $47,342

Population: 93,810

Public Schools:
School Superintendent – (508) 580-7511
Total Enrollment 2011 – 16,162
Per Pupil Expenditure – $12,540

SAT Scores:
Reading – 428
Writing – 420
Math – 445

Plans of High School Graduates:
4-Year College – 43%
2-Year College – 42%