Town of Randolph

Incorporated in 1793, the town of Randolph flourished as one of the nation’s leading boot producers. Today, this 10.32 square mile stretch of land is considered a surburban/residential community.

The town is situated 15 miles south of Boston at the intersection of Routes 128 and 24. Its convenient location has brought about major economic growth and has made the town one of the most culturally diverse areas in the region.


Randolph Town Hall

2017 Statistics

Town Clerk: (781) 961-0900

Website: www.randolphtownclerk.com

Commonwealth Communities (Mass.Gov): Randolph

Tax Rates:
Residential 16.18
Commercial 31.83

Median Housing Price: $316,494

Median Family Income: $63,259

Population: 32,605

Public Schools:
School Superintendent – (781) 961-6200
Total Enrollment – 2,954
Per Pupil Expenditure – $18,120

SAT Scores:
Reading – 438
Writing – 429
Math – 462

Plans of High School Graduates:
4-Year College – 47%