When Metro South is Home, Everything’s Within Reach: Regional Branding Update

Over the past few months, the Metro South Chamber of Commerce has been collaborating with Connelly Partners, an advertising and media company contracted by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, on a major Regional Branding of the Metro South region. The goal is to create a brand identity to develop the Metro South region as a recognized regional entity and attract more visitors and businesses to the area.

After an extensive assessment of the region, including multiple phases of regional interviews and research, the project is in the final stages of development. The resulting product of the assessment has been a tagline to be incorporated in branding throughout the Metro South region:?“When Metro South is Home, Everything’s Within Reach”. This tagline can be adapted for use by each town of the Metro South region, substituting “Metro South”?for the town’s name. For example:?“When Brockton is Home, Everything’s Within?Reach”.

Regionalization through branding allows for communities to remain competitive by helping to create jobs, addressing existing economic challenges, capitalizing on economic opportunities, creating more diversity, and by representing a more powerful, unified voice for legislative action. From a marketing standpoint, smaller towns will benefit through shared resources and name recognition of the larger towns, while the larger towns will benefit from the perspective and niche interests and attractions of the smaller communities

This brand manifesto exists not to overshadow an individual town’s identity, however it exists to enhance a town’s brand/image by establishing strength and recognition on a larger, more recognizable scope.  Towns and organizations are encouraged to add the Metro South brand to their already existing marketing efforts.

Metro South is a diverse community representing a broad range of cultural backgrounds and unique business interests, just waiting to be explored by residents and tourists alike. Metro South aims to connect people and bring to light the variety of arts, entertainment and attractions,  all available in the comfort and affordability of our own background.   Metro South seeks to work collaboratively and cohesively as a region to increase the quality of life for those already living in Metro South, attracting new tourists, residents and businesses, and promoting the many aspects that make life in Metro South so great. Metro South strives to transform perceptions about Brockton’s image as a crime-filled community into one celebrating the diversity and positive business opportunities available in Brockton and its neighboring communities. Metro South aspires to be recognized as an established entity and household name throughout Massachusetts, much like the South Shore, South Coast and Metro West regions.

Check back for more branding updates as the project is concluded!

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