Focus Group Studying Options on Proposal to Purchase Aquaria Desalination Plant

Brockton’s largest employers, taxpayers, businesses, banks and accounting firm have worked steadily throughout the summer studying a proposal allowing Brockton to purchase the Aquaria desalination plant which provides up to 37% of the city’s drinking water. The recommendation to purchase the plant was made by the city’s CFO Jay Condon, the Brockton Water Commission and […]

Garage Funding Approved Unanimously; “Trinity has Done a Great Job and They Should be Recognized.”

At a recent Brockton City Council Finance Committee meeting held May 30, City Councilor Shirley Asack requested the microphone to publicly thank Trinity Financial Inc. (James Keefe, Kenan Bigby and Mathieu Zahler) for their investment in the former Enterprise Newspaper building and adjacent city block. The Enterprise Building had been vacant and the area underdeveloped […]

Metro South Wellness Works Initiative

Nearly half of Massachusetts adults aged 35+ have diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma, or are obese. Most adults spend many waking hours at work making workplaces prime locations to enable and support healthy behaviors. The Metro South Chamber of Commerce has joined a cohort of Massachusetts employers dedicated to providing wellness education and support to […]

Chamber Supports Construction of New Parking Garage

The City of Brockton is Proposing to construct a much needed 414 space public parking garage to support existing businesses and spur additional economic development in downtown Brockton. The City is also proposing downtown vehicular circulation improvements which include a new street connecting Petronelli Way and Court Street, and the conversion of Petronelli Way to […]

Metro South Chamber Accomplishments – We Work for You!

The Metro South Chamber of Commerce is proud to share a list of its accomplishments over the past year.  Thank you for your investment! As a Metro Chamber member, your contribution helped us as we: CONDUCTED IMPORTANT STUDIES: The Chamber has conducted a number of important regional studies anticipated to spur development and create jobs […]