Chamber Testifies Against 6.5% Water/Sewer Hike

Chamber president and CEO Christopher Cooney, CCE testified before the Commission and requested a comprehensive strategic plan be developed by the commission with specific items such as efficiency measures and cost cutting analysis be made prior to any increase. Cooney said, “Brockton is well positioned to provide leadership in the areas of water and sewer for the entire region. A strategic plan to do so is in the best interest of current and future rate payers.”

Cooney also addressed the six tiered rate structure that dissuades business from Brockton referring to data that was collected from communities within the region and several gateway cities. “Brockton’s six-tiered structure is stacked against business and dissuades them from growing here. This structure is from the days when Brockton was out of water capacity. Now, Brockton has ample water resources and would be well served by making water use more attractive to businesses with a more progressive
and innovative water rate schedule,” said Chamber President & CEO, Christopher Cooney, CCE.

Cooney presented data showing comparative water/ sewer pricing for Brockton businesses when compared with many gateway cities and surrounding towns.  Brockton’s rates were among the highest yet it has the ability to adjust its schedule to become more attractive to large water users. The Chamber has requested the water commission update the six-tiered schedule to reflect the new reality that Brockton has a valuable asset (desalination plant) it could use to attract and retain business.

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