Greater Brockton Young Professionals

Who are we?
We are next generation leaders creating a bright future for the Greater Brockton community.

“To create collaborative and engaging experiences in an inclusive environment for young professionals to network, learn and grow within the Greater Brockton community.”

The following values guide the actions and philosophy of the Greater Brockton Young Professionals:

  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity
  • Professionalism
  • Strong Mentor/Mentee Relationships
  • Engagement
  • Connectivity
  • Community
  • Economic Vibrancy
  • Collaboration
  • Personal Advancement
  • Above all . . . Keep it FUN!


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Tuesday, Sept 19
Leadership Answers Lie in You!

Metro South Chamber
60 School Street, Brockton
10:00 am – 11:00 am

Between the ages of 8 and 18 you were taught what hard work was, how success is measured and what it takes to win. In this 60 minute, hands on session presented by George Loan Baker of InnerOvation LLC, participants will learn how to use their beliefs, perceptions, habits, and expectations to move them forward in unexpected ways.


Objectives of workshop/benefits to the participants;

  • Clarity on your personal value set
  • Discover how you react to stress and how it effects your relationships, both personal and professional
  • Develop deeper insight into your specific perceptions, beliefs, expectations and habits that effect ho you get results , both positive and negative  
  • Learn what options and actions you can take to improve the results you are looking for
  • Leave with a process to redefine those things that hold you back

This event is complimentary. Register online. For more information, contact

Wednesday, September 27
Perfecting Your Pitch Workshop

Crescent Credit Union
115 Commercial Street, Brockton
9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Join us for this free workshop about perfecting your pitch to lenders, presented by SCORE and sponsored by Crescent Credit Union.

The workshop is divided into two parts. Part one will help prepare the entrepreneur business owner understand the concerns of a lender and/or angle investors in evaluating business loans/investments. The goal of this section is to give the business owner the criteria necessary for both an effective business plan and the development of an effective loan/investment presentation. Part two will give the business owner a “look under the hood” of commercial bank decisions when granting loans. It will help specifically prepare the business owner with the tools they will need to successfully secure a business loan.

After the workshop presentation SCORE mentors will be available to assist the business owner in starting these processes.  

This event is complimentary. Register online. For more information, contact