Town of Easton

Easton Town SealEstablished in 1725, Easton’s industrial history is most noted for the production of shovels by the Ames Shovel Company. The Ames family shaped Easton’s economy, geography, and architecture by providing shovels to the Union Pacific Railroad, which opened up the west, and donating landmark buildings to the town.

The 29.04 square-mile town offers higher education at Stonehill College and recreational activities at Borderland State Park and Militia Park.


Ames Mansion at Borderland State Park

2019 Statistics

Town Clerk: (508) 230-0530

Website: www.easton.ma.us

Tax Rates:
Residential 15.96
Commercial 15.96

Median Housing Price: $376,000

Median Family Income: $105,380

Population: 23,112

Public Schools:
Superintendent – (508) 230-3200
Total Enrollment – 3,722
Per Pupil Expenditure – $13,512

SAT Scores:
Reading – 569
Math – 569

Plans of High School Graduates:
4-Year College – 88%