Town of Hanover

Hanover SealIncorporated in 1727, the early economy of Hanover was based on agriculture and lumbering. By the 18th century, the town was one of the major industrial centers of this region with an abundance of waterpower resources and a shipbuilding complex.

Residents of this now pastorial/suburban community are proud of the Four Corners section, which has retained the heritage and character of the village of yesteryear.


Hanover, MA Town Hall

2019 Statistics

Town Clerk: (781) 826-2691

Website: www.hanover-ma.gov

Tax Rates:
Residential 16.41
Commercial 17.38

Median Housing Price: $469,200

Median Family Income: $111,311

Population: 14,444

Public Schools:
Superintendent – (781) 878-0786
Total Enrollment – 2,610
Per Pupil Expenditure – $13,989

SAT Scores:
Reading – 551
Math – 547

Plans of High School Graduates:
4-Year College – 83%