Town of Norwell

Norwell SealIncorporated as a town in 1888, Norwell is situated on 21.17 square miles only 20 minutes south of Boston. Settlers came to Norwell because of its agricultural land and water power.

Over forty years ago, Norwell experienced a major building boom that nearly doubled its population. This influx brought a diversity of people to the town and today Norwell houses over 10,000 residents.


Jacob’s Pond, Norwell

2019 Norwell Statistics

Town Clerk: (781) 659-8072


Norwell Chamber of Commerce

Tax Rates:
Residential 16.4
Commercial 16.4

Median Housing Price: $583,300

Median Family Income: $128,563

Population: 11,067

Public Schools:
Superintendent – (781) 659-8800
Total Enrollment – 2,197
Per Pupil Expenditure – $15,649

SAT Scores:
Reading – 597
Math – 579

Plans of High School Graduates:
4-Year College – 91%